Garden Market will be taking a break for this year.....see you next year!

what a day

Today was special.

Every year I am amazed at the community that has happened through the years around the Garden Market.  For me, it feels a little like a reunion.  I get to introduce my favorite people to my other favorite people & in turn I get to meet other people's favorite people & all of it happens right in the middle of a Market.

The Garden Market began as more than a market & I think the heart & soul of it beats through.
I've said it before & I believe it to be very true.  When people let the creativity placed within them show itself to the world after investing their time & money into's an act of bravery.  There is this unknown on the other side.

And when you throw a party, which is what the market is, you want people to come.
It means a lot when people come.
So thank you.
You came & filled the room all. day. long. & it was an encouragement all day long to just see your faces in the room.
You took the time to be present.
Just by being there you lifted us up.

So, I want to give thanks all around.  Thank you to the vendors that gave their sleepness nights & their resources & their gifts to be a part of this today.
Thank you to the friends & the family & the neighbors who took time & came to celebrate these gifts in our community with us.
And thank you to Geneva for all you did to rally the troops & handle the details.

And I wanted you to also  know that the raffle proceeds are being donated to WellSpring Living.  WellSpring is an incredible organization here in Atlanta that is helping to heal & redeem the stories of broken people.  Learn more about what they do here

If you want to continue to shop from the vendors (or if you are a vendor & want to get your information out there) use the facebook page to your advantage.  I'll do my best to get contact info on the blog - but many vendors have their info on facebook & are a part of the Garden Market page.

Now....I'm off to curl up into a little ball & sleep for a while...I pray that you will all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families!


If you don't know the Yumbii truck, well then you've missed out on something straight from Heaven.
Have you ever had sesame fries?? No? Well, get ready because that awesome truck is going to pull right on up to the Garden Market on Saturday for the lunchtime hour(s). I'm a food truck fan. I love the concept & the food. Mobile food that tastes awesome? It has always had my heart. We are so excited that Yumbii will be with us on Saturday so plan to bring the family down for lunch, some Christmas shopping, meet some amazing people & let the kids run around on the playground & if you have no kids in tow...great, grab that red cup from Starbucks & head on'll be so glad that you did!!!
And we can't wait to see you Saturday!